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Jun 01, 2020 · More than one hundred data sets of different volume fractions of AF, GB, BF and M have been prepared with the corresponding YS (yield strength), TS (tensile strength), and YR (yield ratio). 4. Results and discussion Behaviour of Iron and Steel Materials during Tensile Aug 28, 2016 · Due to this independence, the 0.2 % offset yield strength is a reproducible property which is used in the description of the mechanical properties of iron and steel materials. Still, it is important to know that the magnitude of the YS, or any other tensile property, is dependent on the defect structure of the material tested.


1 20.2 % proof stress or yield stress (YS), Min, N/mm 500.0 2 0.2 % proof stress or yield stress (YS), Max, N/mm2 - 3 Ratio of Tensile Strength (TS) / yield stress (YS) ratio, N/mm2 2 (ratio of tensile strength to the 0.2 percent proof stress or yield stress of the test piece) 1.08, but TS Correlation of Yield Strength and Tensile Strength with Dec 01, 2008 · The yield strength of the steels ranged from approximately 300 MPa to over 1700 MPa. Tensile strength varied over the range of 450-2350 MPa. Regression analysis was used to determine the correlation of the yield strength and the tensile strength to the Development of High Performance UOE Pipe for LinepipeYS:Yield strength TS:Tensile strength YR:Yield ratio 1.5% / 0.5% :Stress ratio uEL:Uniform elongation Table 2 Examples of mechanical properties of API X80 (API:The American Petroleum Institute) high strain linepipes

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7.1 Introduction. Dual-phase (DP) steels were the first family of high strength automotive sheet steels which manufacturing involved specific phase transformations. Featuring a high balance of strength and ductility (formability), they range in tensile strength (TS) from 450 to 1200 MPa. Their important advantages are very high strain hardening and additional high gain of the yield strength (YS) during PROPERTIES OF STEEL FOR THE REINFORCEMENT OF tensile strength-to-yield strength (TS/YS) ratio and specified characteristic value of elongation at maximum force, A gt. According to H. Bachmann (2000), RC structures may be classified as moderate ductile when TS/YS 1.15 and A gt 6% are met and high ductility having TS/YS 1.25. In addition, Properties of Dual Phase (DP) Steel - AZoMAug 18, 2014 · The DP steel has better TS/YS ratio, higher ultimate tensile strength, and superior initial work hardening rate when compared to the HSLA of same yield strength. Figure 3. The DP 350/600 with higher TS than the HSLA 350/450. Bake hardening effect is a key advantage of the DP steel and other AHSS over traditional higher strength steels.

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Jun 20, 2020 · ASTM A615 Grades 40 and 60 reinforcement shall be permitted in these members if:(a) The actual yield strength based on mill tests does not exceed fy by more than 18,000 psi; and (b) The ratio of the actual tensile strength to the actual yield strength is not less than 1.25. Tensile Strength Characterization of Quenched and Self Jul 26, 2021 · The tensile tests were conducted using a Universal Testing Machine while chemical analysis used an Optical Emission Spectrometer. The results showed that out of six kinds of joining process, only two complied with the technical requirements of PNS 49:2002 in terms of Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, Percent Elongation and TS/YS Ratio. The effect of specimen type on tensile test results and Y/T ratio on pipeline safety against yielding, bursting, plastic elongation and crack growth. It is known that the yield strength and the Y/T ratio may vary with the type of the tensile specimen used. The objective of this work was to give an overview of the effect of the type of the tensile specimen used on YS, TS and Y/T ratio of linepipe. A

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Assessment of high yield to tensile strength (Ys/Ts) ratio steels. Seminar on Pipeline Steels, European Pipe Group Duisburg, Jan. 7, 1994, pp. 14.