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  • BenefitsMechanism of actionResearchResourcesLiteratureHow to Eat Passion Fruit LivestrongNov 13, 2019 · Passion fruit comes in two colors purple and golden. Although both types of passion fruit originated in South America, according to the American Indian Health and Diet Project, you'll find this beloved fruit cultivated throughout the world. Hybrid varieties of the two are more resistant to disease, and produce red or orange fruit, according to the University of California. Passion Fruit benefits: Translate this page
    • Passion fruit:8 benefits and nutrition
        See full list on medicalnewstoday13 Proven Health Benefits Of Passion Fruit + Nutrition FactsOct 03, 2013 · Passion fruit is an ideal addition to a digestive-friendly diet as it is a great source of fiber. The fruit contains soluble fiber, both in its pulp and the rind. Dietary fiber acts as a laxative and improves bowel movement (14). The fiber also helps prevent constipation and reduces total cholesterol levels by excreting it through feces.

        The Many Health Benefits of Passion Fruit - Healthy Eating

        Dec 02, 2018 · The Many Health Benefits of Passion Fruit Consumption. Passion fruit was introduced in Hawaii in 1880 but was first cultivated commercially in Kenya in 1933. Three decades later, Ugandan farmers began to grow it on a large scale. Problems with plant disease and pest hindered the growth of the fruit in those countries, Passion Fruits Major Health Benefits, Plus How to Eat ItJan 11, 2020 · Passion fruit is a tropical fruit that gets its name due to the plant that it grows on, a species of passion fruit flower. Because its high in antioxidants including carotenoids and vitamin C, passion fruit benefits include supporting skin and eye health, boosting the immune system, and lowering inflammation and oxidative stress.