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Exhaust Systems Valbruna Stainless Steel

Exhaust Systems. Increasingly restrictive regulations in terms of emissions (CO 2) have prompted car manufacturers to revise the standards of production of exhaust systems and opt for the use of more valuable steels, i.e. stainless steels.. The exhaust is a more complex system than you might think and is often mistakenly associated with the simple concept of a silencer:in reality even very Master the Fire in the Era of Steel - ValbrunaStainless and Specialty Steels Long products that greatly increases the mechanical properties of the steel. VALBRUNA VALBRUNA GRADE AV177AL V V157M V145 V155 V174 V174/1 V174LC* X154MW2 NUMBER 1.4568 1.4574 X17NBL X17T x17z X17UDE X18DZ X24AL X25R XlB2N AISI NUMBER NUMB 1.4713 1.4003 1.4742 1.4016 1.4113

Steel X17MZ Valbruna Stainless Steel

X17MZ has a good resistance to mildly corrosive environments such as fresh water, crude oil, gasoline, alcohol, some beverages and atmospheres. It should be noted that this grade, as for every kind of stainless steel, surfaces should be free of contaminant and scale, heat tint, and passivated for optimum resistance to corrosion. Steel X17T Valbruna Stainless SteelX17T is a ferritic stainless steel stabilized with ium and has a combination of good weldability, cold formability and corrosion resistance. Applications X17T find applications in electromagnetic devices, electromagnetic switches and relays, sensors when free machining ferritic grades cannot be used. Valbruna's new caster for stainless steelDownload Citation Valbruna's new caster for stainless steel Acciaierie Valbruna of Italy has started the operation of a new continuous billet caster for stainless steel from October 2002. The


Valbruna-stainless-steel IP Server:, HostName:srv3.nooohosting.it, DNS Server:ns2.register.it, ns1.register.itsteel x17nbl valbruna stainless steel - Maticad Automobile Acciaio X17NBL - Valbruna Stainless Steel. X17NBL is a low Carbon and Niobium stabilized ferritic stainless steel with high resistance to stress corrosion cracking,with a good cold deformability and excellent weldability.In addition,this grade offers a good machinability and high magnetic properties after magnetic annealing.