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Applications:Industrial - Selecting Bronze Bearing Materials

  • Bearing DesignMaterial PropertiesThe Bearing Bronze FamiliesSummaryDecorFlou design - OmniDecor - PDF Catalogs REFLECTING OmniDecor Glass Design Via del Lavoro P.64023 Mosciano S.A. - Italy OmniDecor is renowned for the exclusive look and the high quality of its decorated flat glass. Unique of its kind, our decorative acid etched glass originates from a selective industrial etching process in which great attention is paid to detail. Bronze Chemical Etching - Acid Etched Bronze Services Bronze chemical etching is a great process for robust, metal-on-metal contact parts. It is a ductile alloy that consists primarily of Copper and Tin. It can also include other elements such as Aluminum, Manganese, Nickel, Zinc, Arsenic, Phosphorous, and Silicon. These additions produce a range of Bronze alloys that may be harder than Copper alone or have other useful properties, such as stiffness,

    Hurstwic:Viking Swords

    Blades ranged from 60 to 90cm (24-36 in) long, although 70-80cm was typical. Late in the Viking era, blades became as long as 100cm (40in). The blade was typically 4-6cm wide (1.5-2.3in). The hilt and pommel provided the needed weight to balance the blade, with the total weight of the sword ranging from 2 Silicon Bronze FastenersSilicon bronze fasteners are made of a copper base. A member of the brass family, silicon bronze fasteners are low-lead and comprised of 96% copper, with the remaining 4% made up of silicon, and various other alloys such as zinc, tin, iron and manganese. Silicon bronze is used in marine environments, corrosive environments, and high heat Plaques - Etchings - Franklin Bronze PlaquesEtched plaques are available in several different materials, including bronze, stainless steel, zinc, and copper. Adding an etched portrait gives your project that personal touch that sets it apart from other plaques. Standard thickness for an etching being added to a plaque is 1/16. However, if youre considering having your entire design etched instead of cast, we would recommend 1/8" to 1/4" thick