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115-13.pdf - Check for Excessive Oil Consumption

For the DD13, Refer to section "Removal of the DD13 Turbocharger". For the DD15 and DD16, Refer to section "Removal of the DD15 and the DD16 Turbocharger". 7. Check pressure output of the Axial Power Turbine (APT) air solenoid using an air pressure gauge. Is the APT air pressure 21 to 48 kPa (3 to 7 psi)? a. Yes; replace the APT. DD13 Aftertreatment Problems - MHH AUTO - PageJun 30, 2016 · Joined:Oct 2013. 1 11-07-2014, 07:35 AM. We had a customer bring in a 2012 Freightliner with a DD13 in today with a check engine light on. These are the codes that came up:(Active)SPN 4364 FMI 1 SCR NOx Conversion Efficiency Very Low. (Active)SPN 4364 FMI 18 SCR NOx Conversion Efficiency Low. (Active)SPN 3364 FMI 2 Improper DEF Quality.

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Jun 16, 2015 · I would like some feed back on DD13 engines, durability, mpg, 2012 era. Replied on Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 08:22 PM CST. Posted by a private BulkLoads member. Posted by a private BulkLoads member. If you are yousing it for mostly highway work they are pretty good on fuel. However a bit underpowered for city work and climbing hills. DETROIT DD13 ENGINE - Western Star TrucksThe DD13 also offers rear-engine power take-off as an option for certain applications. DD13 PTO provides power while the vehicle is moving or stationary. The REPTO flange, an integral part of the flywheel housing, receives power through the gear train and does not depend on the transmission to receive its power. Volvo D13 Engine vs Detroit DD13 Engine Andy Mohr

  • Volvo D13 vs Detroit DD13:Performance PowerEfficiency FeaturesA Multitude of Power RatingsChoose The Right Engine For Your Semi-TruckIn order to charge up steep inclines with a heavy load behind you or to power through poor weather, sheer muscle is a necessity. While the Volvo D13and the Detroit DD13 have a few key performance similarities, they differ when it comes to power. For example, the minimum horsepower produced by the Volvo D13 is 375. The Detroit DD13, on the other hand, bottoms out at a lesser 350 horsepower. The same issue comes up when looking at torque, too. The Detroit DD13 produces a minimum of 1,250 lb-fDetroit DD15 Engine Demand DetroitThe flagship Detroit® DD15® is the perfect long-haul, heavy-duty diesel engine. The Detroit® DD15® engine delivers greater horsepower & torque at lower RPMs, keeping your truck in top gear longer while cruising at more efficient engine speeds, dramatically improving fuel economy. Click to learn more!

    DD Engines with Poor Acceleration and Throttle Response

    CAUSE:This may be caused by plugged ports in the EGR Venturi Pipe. This slows down the response of the sensor but sometimes produces no codes because the unit is in Smoke Control, often for several seconds at a time. This will cause no throttle response or poor acceleration.