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Buy stainless-steel-textured-sheet-304-2b-6wl and other metal-working products online at Patterns, Rigidized Metals, Textured Metals, Rigidized ® Metals offers all standard mill produced finishes for both textured and non-textured distribution, as well as specialty polished and embossed finishes. 5wl rigidized stainless steelWe are China's outstanding 5wl rigidized stainless steel suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers,to provide you with high quality 5wl rigidized stainless steel products, as well as the 5wl rigidized stainless steel price is very competitive.

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Jul 29, 2020 · Rigidized® Metals 5WL® is a textured metal pattern often used in architectural, industrial, and marine purposes. Stainless Steel Textured Sheet 304 2B 5WL is often used for ornamental functions. This material is attractive, durable, simple to put in, and simple to keep up. Anderson Stainless :Stainless Pattern & Rigidized SheetsAnderson Stainless is a Stainless Steel Stockist. We can supply you with your stainless needs including Polished, Patterned, Rigidized Stainless Steel Sheet, Tube, Pipe, Bar plus all fittings etc. Glossary - Welcome to FSC Stainless & AlloysPippin - Pattern 5WL coloured and highlighted on the front side. 316 - 316 This grade of stainless steel has added molybdenum to give greater corrosion resistance than the 304 grade for chemically aggressive environments. Rigidizing - The process of two-sided pattern rolling on metal,

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Hadrian can produce stainless steel compartments that feature an embossed interior for increased protection against vandalism and a #4 brushed finish on the exterior to maintain a clean, smooth appearance on the outside. This is a great solution for airports and other high-traffic facilities. Contact Hadrian for details. RIMEX 5-SM / 5-WL - BHI ElevatorsThe patterned metals from companies like RIMEX and Rigidized Metals have transformed the way we think about stainless steel. Available in a multitude of textures, colors and special finishes, these products transform plain stainless into a finely detailed finish material. Rigidized 5WL Pattern Unpolished Textured Stainless Steel The Rigidized textured stainless steel sheet has a #2B mill (unpolished) finish and a 5WL pattern. Stainless steel provides good corrosion resistance and strength. It may be magnetic. The #2B mill finish, also known as unpolished, has a smooth, slightly reflective appearance.

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Product Group:Impressions Range. Pattern:22mm rounds at 40mm centre to centre spacing on the Square. Pattern:25 x 15mm ovals at 25mm centre to centre spacing on the Stagger. Standard Sizes:2438 x 1219 x 0.6mm. 3048 x 1219 x 0.6mm. 2438 x 1219 x 0.8mm. Rimex Metals Australia Plain Textured & Patterned ADVANTAGES OF TEXTURED STAINLESS STEEL. DAMAGE RESISTANCE All Rimex patterns will disguise scratches and dents, hence lengthening product life and reducing maintenance costs. The patterned surfaces thus lend themselves to anti-vandal applications or simply for use in high traffic areas. Specialists in Stainless Steel Finishes Rimex MetalsRimex Metals (UK) Ltd specialises in the manufacture of stainless steel finishes. The product range includes patterned or rigidized stainless steels such as 2WL, 5WL, 6WL, 7GM and TreadTex treadplate; embossed stainless steels such as Linen, Checks and Squares; ColourTex or INCO coloured stainless steel; PVD coloured stainless steel with Rimexs T22 range; Granex (bead blasted) stainless

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In fact, some of the leading worldwide retailers specify bathroom partitions manufactured with Rigidized® Metals 5WL® stainless steel pattern to dramatically reduce maintenance cost, discourage vandalism and enhance aesthetic appearance. Restroom partition materials can only be rolled in 60 wide patterns.