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ASME SA387 GR.22 CL. 1 Alloy Steel Plate, ASTM A387 Grade

Alloy Steel ASTM A387 GR. 22 CL. 1 / 2 Chemical Composition. ASTM A387 Gr.22 Cl.1/2 Chrome Moly Plate Mechanical Properties. SA 387 Grade 22 Class 1 and CL2 Plate Makes. Worldwide Suppliers and Exporters of A387 Alloy Steel Gr 22 CL 1 / 2 Plates ASTM A387 Gr.11 CL.2 Plates, A387 Grade 11 Class 2 ASTM A387 GR 11 CL 2 Plates is designed with the composition of chemicals such as carbon, silicon, phosphorous, chromium, sulfur, molybdenum, and manganese. Alloy ASTM A387 is made with specifications such as different standards, finishing, hardness, form, width, and thickness.

ASTM A387 Gr11 CL1,A387 grade11 class1 Alloy boiler steel

ASTM A387 Gr 11 CL 1 steel is a chromium molybdenum alloy steel plate intended primarily for welded boiler and pressure vessels designed of elevated temperature service. The Cr content 1.25% and the Mo content 0.5%.e available only as Class 2. ASTM A387 Grade 11 Class 1 steel material is in the standard ASTM A-387/A-387M . ASTM A387 Grade 11 Plate, SA 387 Gr 11 Cl 2, a387 gr 11 ASTM A387 Grade 11 Cl.2 P, No 4, Gr-1 material plate is an Alloy Steel and supplied in Normalized and Tempered condition. Typical UTS range for this steel is (75 to 100 KSi or 515 to 690 Mpa). A387 Grade 11 welding can be done using low carbon welding electrodes E7018-B2L or E71T1-B2L. ASTM A387 Grade 11, 22 Alloy Steel Plates Specification ASTM A387 Grade 11, 22 Chrome Moly Alloy Steel Plate Specification. ASTM A387 plate is chromium-molybedenum alloy steel plate intented primarily for welded boilers and pressure vessles designed for elevated temperature serivce.

ASTM A387 Grade 22 Class 1 steel plates for pressure

ASTM A387 Grade 22 Class 1 steel plates for pressure vessels. ASTM A387 Grade 22 Class 1 is in the standard ASTM A-387/A-387M . A387 Grade 22 Class 1 is a kind of Cr-Mo-alloy steel plates material used to fabric high temperature pressure vessels. SA387 have ten grades or levels. They are :grade 2 , grade 12 , grade 11 , grade 22 , grade 22L Chromium-Molybdenum Steel Plate for Pressure Vessels Aug 09, 2009 · Chemical Composition of A387 Grade 11 Chromium Molybdenum Steel. The chemical composition of A387 Grade 11 chrome molybdenum steel from heat and product analysis is summarised in the following table. SA-387 Steel Plate, Grades 5, 9, 11, 12, 22 and 91 Class 1 SA-387 Steel Plate, Grades 5, 9, 11, 12, 22 and 91 Class 1 and 2 Chromium - Molybdenum Alloy Steel Plates for elevated temp + corrosion. For Use in Boilers and pressure vessels

SA387 GR.11 CL.1/2 Alloy Steel Plates Supplier, Stockist

ASME SA 387 GR.11 CL.1/2 PLATES are alloy steel plates that are formed with chromium- molybdenum content. In addition to it includes other content such as nickel, tungsten, columbium, and aluminum. These additional elements offer superior resistance to corrosion and high-temperature tensile strength. Steel Plate ASTM A387/A387M Grade 5 Class2, Grade 5 Grade:Chemical Composition(%) C:Mn:Si:P:S:ASTM A387 Grade 11 Class1(A387GR11CL1) 0.04-0.17:0.35-0.73:0.44-0.86:0.035:0.035:Grade:Mechanical Property:Tensile Strength(MPa) Yield Strength(MPa) % Elongation in 2 in.(50mm) min:Impacting Test Temperature(°C) ASTM A387 Grade 11 Class1(A387GR11CL1) 415-585:240:22-20,40,-60ASME SA 387 GRADE 11 Class 1 - Alloy steelChemical Composition (%) SA387 Grade 11:Carbon:Heat Analysis:0.05 - 0.17:Product Analysis:0.04 - 0.17:Manganese:Heat Analysis:0.40 - 0.65:Product Analysis:0.35 - 0.73:Phosphorus:Heat Analysis:0.035:Product Analysis:0.035:Sulphur (max):Heat Analysis:0.035:Product Analysis:0.035:Silicon:Heat Analysis:0.50 - 0.80:Product Analysis:0.44 - 0.86:Chromium: