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9 - Frank's electron Tube Data sheets

9/0 (1-180) Electron tube Type. Brand. System. Data sheet. 9/03HB. Ferranti. CRR. 9-03HB.pdf (95594 bytes) Frank PhilipseFrank Philipse has produced a truly comprehensive collection of valve data sheet PDF's and these can be found on his site Frank's Electron Tube Pages. Click the logo above to go to his site. We are pleased to offer a mirror site for data sheets that relate to our exhibits. Frank has gathered as many data-sheets as possible for each valve type.

Frank's Electron tube Pages - Tube Bases - Tube Data

Frank's Electron tube Pages Tube Bases Base Used by e.g. Drawing H 1803, 1823:A, B4 1651 , 1805, PX4 O, B5 E499, KL1:U, (B6?) Magnoval (JEDEC E9-23), Novar (JEDEC E9-75) (Serial numbers for Novar based tubes are from 520 upwards) EL503, PL519 usm4b BC4 G4b, VX4 4606, 18004 Acorn, 5AA, 7AA B8D, Sub Miniature 8-pin Search - Frank's electron Tube Data sheetselectron Tube Data sheets Type Index:This search is not working at the moment. Pleast try one of the two searches in the upper right corner. Search type # Search options Search more Include equivalent types Include Vademecum pages Narrow search to Include short info The AA8V 6AG7 Amplifier - Why Use A 6AG7?On-line, Frank's Electron Tube Pages are a tremendous resource. (Thanks Frank!) Frank's Electron Tube Pages contain multiple data sheets for virtually every tube that is out there. The site does not contain application tables, but once you have a particular tube in mind you will be able to get many different data sheets on that tube.

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About Tube Data Sheet Locator The resource is currently listed in dxzone in a single category. The main category is Vacuum Tube resources that is about Vacuum tube, electron tube, thermionic valve, valve resources. This link is listed in our web site directory since Thursday Jan 3 2008, and till today "Tube Data Sheet Locator" has been followed for a total of 1083 times. electron Tube Data sheets - SheetsData format - Data sheets are in PDF so you need a pdf reader to view the datasheets. - There are several mirror sites with the same data. You can use the mirror site that is closest to your location. The mirror sites are selected by clicking the flags in the main index page (The one with 'Welcome @ Frank's electron Tube Data sheets'.).G - Frank's electron Tube Data sheetsElectron tube Type:Brand:System:Data sheet; GMI34A 34:Electronintorg T~ GMI34A.pdf (203898 bytes) GMI34B 34:Electronintorg T~ GMI34B.pdf (174452 bytes) GMI37A 37:Electronintorg T~ GMI37A.pdf (181395 bytes) GMI41A 41:Electronintorg INJ GMI41A.pdf (184565 bytes) GMI42B 42:Electronintorg T~